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Frozen in time – I made this project for Evermotion competition.

As a photographer I like very much work with long time exposures, using large or medium format analog cameras and take photographs from a few minutes to even one hour shutter speed time. Usually, for an everyday photo, it’s about 1/250 – 1/125 sec. I was curious if 3d render engines can simulate this effect from 3d scene with full motion blur feature ticked on. So I created 3d scene with animated water-related and after a lot of tests, I achieved the rewarding effect (see attached video).

It wasn’t easy and flexible like in real cameras but possible anyway. I used Cinema 4d and Octane linear workflow for rendering. The final image was tone mapped in Arion and edited in Photoshop and Lightroom. I would like to thank the jury for honorable mention for my project. Due to the fact that I created a detailed scene for final competition image I created a few more images to increase this project little bit more. Thank you for reading and viewing my stuff!

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  1. Rombout
    Rombout says:

    I think in 3d you are flexible, you can set everything you want. The sun, the sky, the environment. Everything! Also your not limited to your equipment so everything is possible.

    I like that smal anim with the blurry water, but was that 1/250? Looked like a lower speed

  2. Marcin Jastrzębski
    Marcin Jastrzębski says:

    Hi! I agree with you but some effects in 3d are realy time consuming. I used about 1 sec time exposure less more. In real photography I play with even one hour exposures on analog films. Thanks!

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