Studio: Prompt Collective

Designer / Architect: Studio D04

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Ajman United Arab Emirates

This project is a future art residence located in the middle of the Ajman desert. With high ceilings and big windows it is a place where the artists are invited to stay and to create/produce their artwork. The stillness and beauty of the surrounding should work as inspiration for all their creative guests.

As for the 3D project, our main focus was the landscape since the style of the residence was minimalistic. We first worked on the ground, the sand was made with the combination of 3 forest. Then, the vegetation was divided by sizes, we had forest for small/medium/large vegetation. The illumination was done with a sun and a sunset HDRi. And finally a little bit of post-production on Photoshop. We hope you like it.

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