Piet Boon Kitchen

Taking inspiration from Piet Boon’s kitchen designs, I made this CGI image.

The idea was create an image very natural, with soft light and materiales very classy, marble and wood, mixed with strong contrasts, like the concrete.

Winter Holes

This render was done in my free time in Mumbai when recession hit the markets. Work was slim and I was going through some magazines with my boss for inspiration, we both agreed the building was beautiful and I decided it would do pretty well as a personal project. As I was still a beginner (still am, and will be forever) in this field this would be a great challenge.

The lighting and the metallic texture was a challenge, but it came through nicely. As I was aiming to create the image as close to the original in sense of lighting and warmth and feel, It was a learning experience. I ended up changing some of the effects to give a surreal feel.

Note : I still don’t know who is the designer/architect for the original Project.