Victoria Residency

Victoria Residency is located in Dubai, and since everything in Dubai is larger than life, Pixarch was asked to do justice to the project with top-of-the-line 3D High Resolution Views, HD Quality Walk-through, brochure, and other marketing material. Using the latest technology, Pixarch developed a super fine walk-through for the project that was as magnificent as the project itself. The remaining material was developed with the help of seasoned art directors to ensure creativity and quality for end to end.

Shahmir Residency

Shahmir Residency is a planned landscape which consists of luxury villas, apartments and a commercial center. The project is situated at Safoora Chowk, Karachi, which is an up-and-coming neighbor in Karachi.

Pixarch was assigned the responsibility of designing and developing Walkthroughs, TVC and 3D Views for the project and we did all that in a short time. The high-quality collaterals produced by Pixarch went a long way in not only just impressing the client, but also helped set a new standard for architectural visualization industry as a whole.

Parkview Signature Apartments-3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

Pixarch Architectural Visualization always does the things with inimitable approach and Parkview Signature Apartments were no exception. It was our job to paint a realistic, understandable and desirable picture using the blueprint so a viewer or a prospective buyer can see the final outcome. Pixarch used modern practice to give the project a digital life.

Parkview is a modern building, in the heart of LAHORE City, which provides housing with state of the art amenities and accessibility. Located just a few minutes away from Gulberg and the colonial Mall Road, Park View Apartments are easily accessible from every corner of Lahore.

For this project, the 3D modeling, texturing and detailing were carefully created to the finest detail as to capture the zest and feel of the project.

For Parkview Signature Apartments, Pixarch provided a beautiful and stunning 3D architectural walkthrough and photorealistic 3D views.

Parsa Citi

Pixarch provided all real estate design marketing solutions under one roof to Parsa Citi, which included 3D video walkthrough, 3D floor plans, website design and development, and visual designs. Also, 9 types of TV commercials and outdoor/indoor media campaigns were created.

From logo designing to complete stationery designing, including online website banner advertisement, Pixarch delivered complete solutions to Parsa Citi. This can be seen in their testimonial as well.

The production technique of ‘Chroma Shoot’ was used to create photorealistic views of the project by combing real people with 3D walkthrough. The Chroma technique is a technique dynamically used in moviemaking. In the Chroma technique live action footage is merged with 3D graphics to produce work that is economical, yet effective and of high quality.