KSB City 3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

KSB City in Saudi Arabia was brought to life through Pixarch’s photorealistic 3D views and architectural walkthroughs. The detailed 3D architectural walkthroughs gave an excellent perspective on the project making it easier for the client to see what their project will look like. The photorealistic 3D views were of high quality and depicted the project with various perspectives. A TV commercial was also created keeping in mind the client’s requirements.


Dawawen – 3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

An all-encompassing community, Dawawen with its widespread diameters is ingeniously portrayed by Pixarch. The expansive map illustrations are woven with the community infrastructure. The entire housing scheme captured on the scintillating skyline is simply superb.

The architectural layouts are finely depicted with a range of variation which shows the creativity of the designers at work. The recreational and residential spaces are showcased with their unique features to add onto the vibrancy of the vicinity through the Pixarch lens.

Waha Mada 3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

Waha Mada lives up to its exotic essence with the exceptional elevation engineering of Pixarch. The sand dunes and oasis shots in the lead in angles build up the environment before the actual entrance of the project which creates quite an impressive impact.

The cruising on the boulevards with splendorous scenes of the surroundings reflect Pixarch’s augmented artistry. The 3D movement depicts the series of six identical towers with dynamically distinguishable features. Each floorplan and layout is effective and elegantly represented for the elevated effect.


Housing Scheme by MOH-Visualization by Pixarch

Pixarch has turned the heavenly appeal of Housing Scheme of MOH into reality through its architectural visualization. The palm lined routes depict the serenity of the surroundings, which are presented to create the perfect environment for a flourishing lifestyle.

The unique angles successfully portray the vast views for an amazing projection. The vibrant themes of the luxury bedrooms are very well contrasted with the living spaces. The frosty frame blends with the clear ones to give a classy touch of the parking area. The 3D views enter into details which capture the elegant essence of these magnificent MOH units.

The Orchid – 3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

The Orchid is one those few projects that add prides to any company’s reputation. Fortunately, Pixarch was handpicked to design & develop the real-life 3D views, animations, TVC etc. for the highly acclaimed project. Being the first project in Pakistan with an external, exo-skeleton, the project required extreme attention to details, a completely out-of-the-box approach, superior creativity and innovation, and top-of-the-line hardware to execute the rendering perfectly. Tasked with this seemingly impossible task, the team at Pixarch completed the project within a short deadline, but without compromising on anything. The ultra-HD renders were convincingly near-to-life and went a long way in expressing the premium glory of the project.

Uprise Waterfront

The amazing graphics and the sound effects added to the 3D walkthrough by Pixarch provides an enigmatic cinematic experience. The ship and helicopter’s aerial view concept is quite original in relation to property depiction. This unravels the creativity used in the portrayal of seafront scenes.

The prosperity related with Gwadar port city is vividly reflected by the progressive development and layout of Uprise Waterfront which makes it ideal for investment. The futuristic feel of the metallic structures with angular cuts and corners is immaculately displayed by the artistic animation of Pixarch. The splendid residential and recreational avenues are illuminated with light variances by Pixarch’s ingenious virtuosity tools.