RailClone Power Lines Tutorial

iToo Software has released a new RailClone Tips & Tricks tutorial. In this installment they go back to basics to create power lines using a mode that enables geometry to be scaled instead of repeated along a path.


“In this tips and tricks tutorial we’ll take a look at the scale and tile behavior for segments used in the default input slot of an L1S generator. When working with linear styles, the default behavior is for segments to repeat along the spline, There is however an alternative mode that will stretch a segment between sections. A section in this case being defined as an area of the path between two evenly spaced or corner segments. To demonstrate this in action, this video explains the steps to create a simple power lines style.”

Go ahead and check out the RailClone Power Lines Tutorials page now…


The files that come with this series are compatible with 3DS Max 2011 – 2013, and RailClone Lite 2.x.

Make sure you check the readme file that comes with this scene for the terms of use.

Featured image scene courtesy of Mourelas Konstantinos.