Photoshop Postwork at KHS by Ramy Hanna

Houston based 3D Artist, Ramy Hanna, recently published a post on his blog about the Photoshop postwork process he implements in his Architectural Visualization work. Check out his screen capture video of this process on the ‘KHS’ scene down below and make sure to visit his blog too… Ramy prefers to use SketchUP as his main archviz modeling tool, much like yours truly and you will find many interesting posts related to that.

visit the original 3D Process / Post Process: tricks revealed! post on his blog.

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  1. Brodie
    Brodie says:

    Definitely some nice tips there. I liked his method for putting people in and the light flares were nice too. He lost me a bit with the last several steps though. I think it looked better before he started doing the color overlay and sharpening.

    It’s always informative to see how someone else works though, thanks for the post Ronen.

  2. Tom Svilans
    Tom Svilans says:

    Great post! Always love seeing the process behind great images. The people and flare thing are cool; much easier than painting flares. The blur helps to blend the people into the scene, which is something I have nightmares about.

    • Troubs
      Troubs says:

      Just paint the gradient with the gradient-tool in photoshop…radial from center…apply it as a layer to your comp with a blending mode that fits best…
      he uses the exact same colors alex roman used in his exeter-post-tut

  3. Rendernoob
    Rendernoob says:

    This post-render work is epic!! can anyone tell me where can i get those light flare png file? it looks really handy in a rendering.

  4. DrManhatten
    DrManhatten says:

    *LOL* photoshop lens flares I thought they have died out by now! Also they point totally in the wrong direction

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