New HQ Plants / HD Trees Vol. 04

Konstantin Kim’s 3DMentor has released a new HQ Plant collection of high-definition, carefully groomed, 3D Trees ready for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D supporting Mental Ray, V-Ray and Advanced Render.

This is the 4th trees addition to the HQ Plants collections modeled using the GrowFX – Parametric 3D Tree Modeling Plugin for 3DS Max. Check out the full preview of the catalog below :

[slideshare id=32121159&doc=hdtrees4-140310063811-phpapp02]

The new HD Trees Vol. 04 comes packed with over 140 3d models representing tree species such as : Acer Ginnala, Acer Palmatum, Acer Rubrum, Ginkgo Biloba, Hedera Helix, Parthenocissus Quinquefolia, Platanus Acerifolia and Salix Fragilis.

Get a small free 3d model sample from 3DMentor down below by sharing the news 😉

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8 replies
  1. PaulStein
    PaulStein says:

    I hate to be a party pooper, but the human scale seems off in most of these trees, or rather the first branches are way too low. That aside, looks like a great collection.

  2. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    PaulStein  Don’t hate it – any feedback is good feedback… I’m sure kim will take this into consideration. I know he is re-working all past volumes to make them better and nicer so he might make a round of improvements on this one too. Being based on GrowFX should allow for easy update I’m sure.

  3. Juraj Talcik
    Juraj Talcik says:

    Hardly impressed by this, looks like those from 4 years ago in quality. I already gave up on the notion that someone is even capable of creating realistic trees for public. Odd shapes, overly simplified structure, almost caricaturic proportions at times, very low-level quality of branching, random leaves formations. Much CGI

  4. Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl
    Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl says:

    Nothing wins over carefully custom made trees, but for general and not as Hero trees these do the trick.

  5. Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl
    Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl says:

    What is the best solution as far as you are concerned out there currently?

  6. Juraj Talcik
    Juraj Talcik says:

    Ironically some of the freebies out there, like those Birches are pretty good (they were good enough for Bertrand as well :- )..] But out of the full packages…neither is convincing at all. With heavy alterations, mostly to leaves, the latest evermotion are good as they atleast keep realistic structure to branches and the whole L-System, something really important as the silhuette is noticeable even in distance, not only for hero trees.

  7. 3dmentor
    3dmentor says:

    Thanks for feedback! I will make update with first branches moved up 🙂

    Editable GrowFX version of this collection will be available too but later.

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