Forest Pack + RailClone Submitted Image Winners / Mateusz Grzybowski + Kcpr Raffael

Congratulations to Kcpr Raffael & Mateusz Grzybowski for winning the iToo Software Image Submit Giveaway!. Like Day & Night, besides the obvious, they also contrast in architectural nature – Urban vs. Rural. Both of them make use of Forest Pack but Kcpr also used RailClone for paving and curbs all around the neighborhood. Big thanks to iToo Software sponsoring this giveaway and to all who took part in it… see you in the next one!

Mateusz submitted this image originally to the OTG – Off the Grid visualization challenge on 3dallusions, and it stood out here too. Forest Pack was used for the forest, grass and stones scattered around the scene.

Kcpr’s image is nothing short of striking. Great lighting and mood featuring vegetation scattered with Forest Pack and all pavements and curbs done with the help of RailClone.

Congratulations to the winner and participants in the Giveaway, and see you next time too!