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  1. MA
    MA says:

    Quite a transformation Anninos. With regards the poll, I’d say something such as the above video is very well suited to a screencast because it is a fairly linear progression or series of steps. However, I don’t think it would work for a ‘making of’ which really needs the artist’s voice and is often best captured with text/images.

  2. Miguel
    Miguel says:

    Good job! I have never used the selective color adjustment. I’ll try it out


  3. artmak
    artmak says:

    Nice quick method, usually takes me 3 extra steps to do all those color and contrasts, I will also try something similar on my next rendering job.

  4. metrocubicodigital
    metrocubicodigital says:

    Annkos, thk you for the video. Very nice.

    I normally go for color balance but i gotta try the selective color adjs too. Seems more precise.

    Good luck in future works.

  5. annkos
    annkos says:

    Thanks metrocubicodigital! I’ve used to use color balance either but when i discover selective colors tool i really love it! Good luck to you too!

  6. kropped
    kropped says:

    Very nice tutorial. They’re some very simple steps that make a big improvement.

    I have never used the selective colours tool, but i’ll definately give it a go in the future.


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