Converted entry by Marina Gretsova

As for now, I just threw in ideas and general planning into both aparment versions.
The 2021 is meant to be a classical, modern aparment for two, design in the scandinavian / minimalistic manner.

The 2031 version, is an inspirational concept apartment for two, which is mean to resemble natural enviroments as much as possible yet be technically equiped for comfortable living: green wall, with some herbs for cooking, lots of natural light, massaging floor (benefitial for feet and back health), liftable bed, to release space for meditation and yoga, interactive 3D screen, for communicating with friends, watching content or creating the right ambience)

Additionally I would like to show through the windows views, that while 2021 aparment is located in the city, the 2031 is in the midst of nature, with drone deliveries and powerful internet keeping it connected to the global community

Please let me know what you think! I know its very raw and there are too much ideas, but that is part of creative process.

Feedback and suggestions very welcomed

If I fit into timeline, I would like to make a walk-through animation eventually

Converted entry by matin

Commercial-residential building in Cologne along the Rhine and among the buildings of the famous German architect Hadi Tehrani.
A building that can grow among the best works of Hadi Tehrani Architecture Company in Cologne and appear beautiful, under the sky of Cologne along the Rhine River.

This building has a commercial-residential use. Also, its materials and external texture include (brick – natural stone and steel).
I decided to choose this building for the competition, which I can really say is one of the biggest challenges of my career, and as in the photos with different colors, the building has been indicated as colored parts of the mentioned images as you can see I shared here.
I plan to turn this residential and commercial building into a school of architecture and music, architecture and music in this building completely integrated with the spirit of architecture and music. As it is related to mentioned subjects architecture and music will be taught to students in Cologne, Germany. A movement will make a change for the future of art in them, and I used movement and rhythm and depth in a parametric, dynamic and eco-style to design the form and ideas to transform it.
With the used word rhythm – movement and depth in three different styles I mean I will show them in the project as I progress through executing this project and present it to you.
And finally I considered the name of the box movement project for my entry for the competition. Which is, moving the boxes in alternating rhythm with simple technology.
In the continuation of my work, I will show you the complete analysis of the site of the region, ie Rhine River – landscape view – exact area of ​​the spaces – light analysis around the building and modeling of the whole project in the next 3-4 days
Thanks to the sponsor and Mr. Beckerman
Have a nice day…

Converted entry by kartik.lak

My concept is basically bringing Parthenon back to life without affecting the original stone structure. Using the modern architecture style and making Parthenon into a bar and restaurant.
I have used wire mesh to finish the broken columns and some part of the structure. Have added glass facade to cover the structure and preserve the structure.

Converted entry by Atom_Nz

While traveling in summer 2019, I glimpsed an article where a talented and soulful photographer wrote about a family living in a mine. On a hot summer day, the family found their shelter in a peaceful cave. My idea revolves around a part of a mine which later converted to a room.
I am an immigrant, so were my grandparents. People always travel in search of the home, safety, and work. I believe we originated as nomads and if we wouldn’t have been moving from one place to another we would have never evolved. but it is also very heartbreaking that many people are still trying to find a place to live on their very own planet. We all know what is unfair and what is going on so I don’t wish to write about it. but I am hoping that my artwork will touch the heart of the viewers to remember that how lucky we are to have a place called home.
Recently I came across a paragraph written by Yuval Noah Harari and for me its thought-provoking,
”The extinction of Homo Sapiens Would mean survival for millions,
If not billions, of Earth- Dwelling species.
Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on Earth Social and environmental”

Enjoy the comp
Best wishes.

Converted entry by Artifictial

Finally got some time to continue with modeling and start testing the space. As I was exploring the surroundings and the history of the building, I decided to deviate from my original thoughts (a marble column construction) and I decided to invest on an industrial approach that would better match the history and the original purpose of the building.
I found that cast iron and stone could work together just fine in producing such an industrial look and feel, so I start “demolishing” and building the new environment. It was important to me that the skin of the building remained the same, so what I’m trying to achieve here is to accent the qualities of the stone and the imposing geometric contours, by creating a metal construction that will embrace the building without superimposing itself on the main structure.
At this point of time I think I have almost finished the core elements of the outside of the building although there will be several more amendments. Once I’m done with that, I will continue with the landscaping (certain elements are already in place) and some of the interior spaces as well (especially the roof garden).

These are some AO renders that usually help me pinpoint any modeling discrepancies prior to continuing with materials and texturing.
Still a lot to be done as I’m not even halfway there, but it’s nice to explore as you go!