Tomorrow Challenge entry by User-19587775

After analyzing the images provided of the museum and also doing a detailed research on Google to get to know better the architecture of the museum and its immediate environment, I decided that the composition of the final image should be more or less like the image provided here so it shows well both the museum and its close surrounding. I should work well on the materials of the museum itself and the detailed modelling of the surrounding. The facade material (wood) is the main one. And for the surrounding I should model a nice scene including the features seen in the background. The post production process has to be done also in a professional manner in order to achieve an “absolutely stunning” image of the Kalmar Konstmuseum.

Tomorrow Challenge entry by user-00000001

Try to expand with words on your initial concept and how you like to approach this challenge.

This example shown is from the CityLIFE Challenge… Jean-Marc Emy’s initial concept sketch.

You can upload one image as the main feature image. Try for it to be at least 1920px wide so it shows good as a page header.

Add additional images as you like, and they will show as a gallery inside your post.