Tomorrow Challenge entry by User-45761697

I wanted to go for an image thats more pased on how the image sits within the environment more than the building itself. I wanted it to sit without it seeming like a destruction to nature. my focus was nature and tried including various elements to help build the piece up. Since | was going for this route googled up swedens national animal as a beginning point not sure how accurate it was but it helped with me trying to create a story.

Tomorrow Challenge entry by User-20209924

Before me stood the task of perfecting your skills in the work, as I work mostly with interiors. Experience in creating exterior I have low. The compressed time frame allotted for the work was given a special rhythm and excitement to the whole process.The simulation environment and the textures were quite interesting and informative.Although trees and shrubs had to take the finished model due to lack of time, although the textures I created individually on their own. Modeling of stones and boulders and the preparation of compositions was quite exciting. Only regret that there was not enough time to make a more interesting composition and landscape design.The more I worked on the project the more ideas and the desire to work in the project came to me.The work was done in Cinema 4D using Corona renderer. I tried to make everything as 3D, Photoshop used only for color correction.
Before work I thoroughly studied all the drawings and the area where this building. Photos of Sweden that I watched always abounded in the dense forest and fog.
In my work I wanted to capture the moment cloudy weather and when the mist envelops all around, barely visible haze. In the darkness he slowly crawls on the building and the surrounding ground. Street lights painted in an unusual light tone contrasting with the environment.
In the process of working on the project I gained many new skills and certainly I will continue to work on the kinks on.
Thank you for your attention, hope to receive advice and comments to help me improve my skill level.

Tomorrow Challenge entry by User-17076233

I’m very happy to participate of Tomorrow 2017 Challenge, it’s great.
Whenever I start a new project, I look for all informations and
references about it, like the architecture, history and curiosities.
So, I chose to creat my environment, because I saw more potential.
The next stage, I made the concept and choice the Anglo, which for me
is fundamental that the function before can not waste time with the molding
that does not apper in the camera. After 3 or 4 adjustments in the initial camera
to the composition scene, the vegetation is finished with shader and mood of
the scene. My challenge and my mission was: To value an imposing
architecture; An inspiring place; A striking framework; A realistic climate.
My biggest challenge was the time, but I believe that I conquered a good result.
I hope you like it. Thank you!

Tomorrow Challenge entry by User-17469618

The chosen building was a pleasurable challenge to begin with. It was because it had a lot of details that gave the overall view of the building a simple facade with a lot in it.

I’ve started the modeling in Archicad (it is easier to scale and work with blueprints) where i modeled only the base form of the building. After that it was a smooth workflow in 3ds Max because you already have the proportions that you need.

Of course the wooden panels were a tricky material to make. Ive combined wood textures with dirt maps to give the look of the existing aged facade.
I decided not to make big changes in environment, just small ones so it fits the image of a well kept garden.

The mood i wanted to achieve was a nice summer morning. It is a time that gives exciting feeling of a beautiful warm day.

I would like to thank ronen and tomorrow team for this opportunity, and good luck to everyone.