Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by User-17469618

I’ve been working on this scene for couple of days and this is the result of work until now. I chose this camera angle to show the entry of the building and get close enough to the stairs. It was quite challenging because there were no references (at least not that I found) of this angle.
The idea was to set a winter evening mood with a quite blue sky and snow to counter the overall reds and oranges in the existing scene.

Tomorrow Challenge entry by User-17469618

The chosen building was a pleasurable challenge to begin with. It was because it had a lot of details that gave the overall view of the building a simple facade with a lot in it.

I’ve started the modeling in Archicad (it is easier to scale and work with blueprints) where i modeled only the base form of the building. After that it was a smooth workflow in 3ds Max because you already have the proportions that you need.

Of course the wooden panels were a tricky material to make. Ive combined wood textures with dirt maps to give the look of the existing aged facade.
I decided not to make big changes in environment, just small ones so it fits the image of a well kept garden.

The mood i wanted to achieve was a nice summer morning. It is a time that gives exciting feeling of a beautiful warm day.

I would like to thank ronen and tomorrow team for this opportunity, and good luck to everyone.

Tomorrow Challenge entry by User-17469618

The overall model is almost done, and I need to start working in the environment. I think this camera angle will be the final position of the shots.
As for the mood the goal is to achieve a cozy summer morning in a well kept landscape. I’ll try to apply a hazy mood, which it gives the impression of a nice warm day.