The chosen building was a pleasurable challenge to begin with. It was because it had a lot of details that gave the overall view of the building a simple facade with a lot in it.

I’ve started the modeling in Archicad (it is easier to scale and work with blueprints) where i modeled only the base form of the building. After that it was a smooth workflow in 3ds Max because you already have the proportions that you need.

Of course the wooden panels were a tricky material to make. Ive combined wood textures with dirt maps to give the look of the existing aged facade.
I decided not to make big changes in environment, just small ones so it fits the image of a well kept garden.

The mood i wanted to achieve was a nice summer morning. It is a time that gives exciting feeling of a beautiful warm day.

I would like to thank ronen and tomorrow team for this opportunity, and good luck to everyone.