Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by User-26377535

I want to have a warm inviting image that tells a story and connects with the viewer and after adding in all landscaping and props and tweaking the lighting I feel that this is now achieved. I also refined the cam angle as well a little, to extend that inviting feeling. I feel this adjustment also made the architecture more inviting and appealing.

I also refined my materials a little to suit my story and mood better. The corten material is as I wanted looking very rusty, texture and nice in colour adding the feel of new but old and blending in as well as extending that warm and nice feeling. In this post I’ve uploaded a close up of the texture in a low res test (still grainy as I didn’t let it render completely as it was just a quick test). I really like this angle actually but it tells another story than what I wanted, perhaps another time..

I added in water on some of my textures and birds playing in the water extending that closeness to nature feeling I am trying to achieve without over stylise. I chose a native bird that I feel says Sweden.

Now on to some challenges.. I’ve had to do some optimising as my computer at home started to run low on RAM in particular after adding my people to the scene.. I don’t want to use more low res people or post people as I want to do everything more or less in 3D and only use post enhancing the render rather than adding props to the image etc as that is my normal process. Another reason is that I don’t have a perfect (to my opinion) looking architect Swedish student on file in 3D or 2D and these are the closest I could find, however if I re did the assignment that would be something I would have loved to invest in. I don’t feel its crucial just something that would be another cherry on top so to speak. Over all, I am happy with the people I do have and think I have resolved that through positioning them in a dynamic way making them add to the story but not distracts the view which is what I wanted to achieve. And I feel they are right to the story I try to tell, as the image takes place in the afternoon, in late summer when the school would be fairly empty of students and when you would mainly see some teachers and the girl closest to the camera looks like a student I think.

Now on to the final process as I like to have some extra time just in case..

Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by User-15411327

I started on Monday, and decided to see how far I could get in 16 hours. On Wednesday, I will be adding props and getting into the concept stage. Looking at a few of the entries today, I have seen a lot of really strong entries, I like the idea of playing around with the environment as an installation piece. Some thoughts I have; Weather, Solar/Eco, Art Installation, Futuristic Information Board.

Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by User-17469618

I’ve been working on this scene for couple of days and this is the result of work until now. I chose this camera angle to show the entry of the building and get close enough to the stairs. It was quite challenging because there were no references (at least not that I found) of this angle.
The idea was to set a winter evening mood with a quite blue sky and snow to counter the overall reds and oranges in the existing scene.

Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by User-12179172

First steps was study the model and find the best camera point of view. Some corrections on the artifact of geometry was necessary and create the facade panel. Making the rust facade was the main problem, i decided to make it in SP due the major control over the texture and the possibility of painting on the model. After i chose to make the brick wall (and the others) material in corona.
The study of lighting setting was the next step.