Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by User-41635684

First, I want to explain the atmosphere that I have noticed in this challenge. I recently found an interesting image on Mir’s homepage. The blue tone surrounds the whole image, but the image was a bit depressing, but the building was a warming image.
The direction of this image was blue of Mir.
Overall, the image was wrapped in a dark blue tone and the lighting in the building was designed to express the color temperature difference with a low color temperature and a warm feeling.
It added a mild fog and added variety to the lighting fixtures of the surrounding buildings.
It was my plan to create an outdoor cafe that would feel somewhat lonely but not depressing.
I consulted a lot of references and in the process I created the world that I wanted to show in my head and I used Photoshop to do a very rough and quick sketch.
The main purpose was to show a very attractive blue tone.
The material of the building was corned steel, and there was a lot of corrosion and some parts that did not, but neatly rearranging and expressing was better than the atmosphere I think.
I also wanted to naturally dissolve into people’s space.

Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by User-54018532

Starting off modelling basic props such as simple building structures, mail box etc. Some other models were imported into 3ds max and the renderer of choice was keyshot. This was to speed up of the workflow and meetup with the challenge’s deadline owing to my late participation.

For the materials in the scene, I figured this will be an opportunity for me to delve deeper into Keyshot’s material graph system. The procedural texturing process in this case, served as a study. Though creating overly complex materials was not intended for this project.

Cut outs of trees, plant life in general and people were to be used in the composting stage (in Photoshop) of the project.

Though a few props were placed in the scene, there was the challenge deciding what prop would be of cultural and social relevance to the surroundings of the building. Searching for reference photos of the school itself was a tedious affair; asking questions if a car within the school’s premises would be appropriate and the type of outdoor furniture would suit its surrounding.

So I opted for less of the props risking my scene to tilt towards being ‘bare’ in a manner of speaking.

Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by User-22308414

Having just little time to work on the project, we split the tasks into different parts, so that each of us could work with his own individual skillset and interests. We both learned much in a technical sense and we are happy that we could implement new techniques and plugins like substance, anima etc. Having the chosen composition and our main theme of a summer evening in mind, we focused on the overall mood and the lighting. Even though the challenge is finished by now, we will follow up the project and continue working on details, as well as other perspectives of the building.

But for now, here is our final entry!

Many thanks to Ronan and the Tomorrow team. We enjoyed participating the challenge!

Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by User-54018532

This entry for the TMRW challenge entry explores the use lighting techniques and developed compositing pathway for creating an imposing photorealistic final render. To place this unique building though simple in its outward structure, in greater light, a certain mood in composition was to be attained; something of a cinematic feel for the final image.

Such a visual style would be deemed as satisfactory as certain aesthetics could be achieved.

The first stage of the process was to experiment with different lighting conditions with the entire scene assigned with a base material for a simple evaluation of test renders. These renders were run to discover the right ‘atmosphere’ so to speak, for a more compelling scene.

The scene was lit by Hdri maps ranging from a bright mid-afternoon to late evening skies. Attempts were made to capture a certain mood with the desired lighting setup. A certain kind of radiance was sought to create a kind of aesthetics for the building with less imposing and understated structural features – of course, in my opinion.

Another aspect of the experimental phase pushed through, was exploring camera angles. Getting the desired perspective for an angle’s that was to be of visual interest.
For the default and custom materials, Keyshot’s (the render engine of choice) material graph was employed in this case.