Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Domenico Prisco

HI guys, this is the second update, i moved on the interior, as i saied in the concept’s post for the interior image i planned a mood very dark, something inspired from Caravaggio painting (one of my favourite artists) or speaking about architecture at the light ray falling down to oculus of the Pantheon in Rome.
I started to setting up the scene instancing some element with RailClone to create the main shelves and than i made a little substance to create the strange stucco displaement of the up walls.
And last but not least of the main elements the Christmas tree, and we are in a library, so, YES, a book tree.
See you for the updates on the last image!


Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by lukytaarvin1

I focus too much on the exterior scene compared to the interior scene. I did a lot of shader experiments on exterior one. I used to only use simple settings for shaders and now I feel challenged how to use multi layer and composite on the exterior view that I used to work with using Photoshop. I learned a lot through Bertrand’s website on one of its 3d projects.
on the exterior I clearly use the corona render’s sky light because of its simple settings and for the interior I plan to use light with a slight smoke effect and the god rays effect to make it look a bit dramatic.
I do a lot of modeling for exterior scenes such as street lights, flagpoles, railings, and some other modeling on the environment around the building. Some of the models I’m not working on are cars and vegetation. For the interior, I only work on bookshelves and light boxes and the book is from my library.