My concept is basically bringing Parthenon back to life without affecting the original stone structure. Using the modern architecture style and making Parthenon into a bar and restaurant.
I have used wire mesh to finish the broken columns and some part of the structure. Have added glass facade to cover the structure and preserve the structure.

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  1. matin says:

    The idea of a restaurant for this building is a very conceptual idea that will have a wonderful view considering the modern architecture and the use of glass material. Good luck :wink:

  2. erfan3p says:

    This looks like the fanciest place I’ve ever seen. I’m sure renders will look even better with textures and good lighting.

  3. KartikLak says:

    Thank you! These are just a clay test! Still working on the texturing and lighting.

  4. ronen says:

    Needs more light but this has amazing potential to it!

    Looking forward to see more :wink:

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