Commercial-residential building in Cologne along the Rhine and among the buildings of the famous German architect Hadi Tehrani.
A building that can grow among the best works of Hadi Tehrani Architecture Company in Cologne and appear beautiful, under the sky of Cologne along the Rhine River.

This building has a commercial-residential use. Also, its materials and external texture include (brick – natural stone and steel).
I decided to choose this building for the competition, which I can really say is one of the biggest challenges of my career, and as in the photos with different colors, the building has been indicated as colored parts of the mentioned images as you can see I shared here.
I plan to turn this residential and commercial building into a school of architecture and music, architecture and music in this building completely integrated with the spirit of architecture and music. As it is related to mentioned subjects architecture and music will be taught to students in Cologne, Germany. A movement will make a change for the future of art in them, and I used movement and rhythm and depth in a parametric, dynamic and eco-style to design the form and ideas to transform it.
With the used word rhythm – movement and depth in three different styles I mean I will show them in the project as I progress through executing this project and present it to you.
And finally I considered the name of the box movement project for my entry for the competition. Which is, moving the boxes in alternating rhythm with simple technology.
In the continuation of my work, I will show you the complete analysis of the site of the region, ie Rhine River – landscape view – exact area of ​​the spaces – light analysis around the building and modeling of the whole project in the next 3-4 days
Thanks to the sponsor and Mr. Beckerman
Have a nice day…

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  1. erfan3p says:

    You’ve got a nice idea about turning the building into an art building, Nice pictures and well demonstrated.
    Welcome to the challenge, good luck.

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