B&TB + C.F. Møller: COMPETITION WON. VIA University College in Horsens

Funny how sometimes we look forward to publish some “still confidential” projects we love and other times we help others win competitions and we forget to publish it…
C.F. Møller and C.F. Møller Landscape’s proposal for the new VIA (30,000 m²) and the Innovation House (5,000 m²) has been nominated as the winner of a major architectural competition.
All the lads here in Beauty and The Bit feel glad about this and hope not to forget taking our memory pills & keep in good shape…

In Shadows

We love shadows. It is a fact.
We have the strong belief that not all the most epic architectural sceneries happen in sunny days. We surely find perfection in other kind of lighting. We can experiment a great moment of architecture without having “designed” atmospheric conditions. It is always refreshing to see the dark side of things.
This is a residential project for the Reinventer Paris competition we did with Jacques Ferrier Architectes, Chartier Dalix Architectes and SLA Architects.
You can take the shades off.
Have a nice week you all.

Knive, Northern Accents

“Do something that looks nice”. This is one of the most listened phrases when we do our thing.
Needless to say that having a nice looking canvas to start with helps a lot indeed.
This is a sample of a recent project from our nice friends from DRMA Architects that we were involved in.

Complejo Hotelero termal Coñaripe.

Hello everyone.
I recently decided to change Corona and try Fstorm to for best render times and it’s amazingly faster, this type of images frecuently take me more than 1-2 hours to be completly cleaned in two Xeons E5 2699 v4 and with Fstorm just between 10 and 15 min each one with 3x Gtx Titan X Maxwell and 2x Gtx Titan Pascal.
I had some problems with ammount of Vram, but after some changes and optimizations all works perfectly.
Hope you like it.

Schiphol New Terminal

B&TB + KAAN Architecten: Competition Won
New Schiphol Airport Terminal
KAAN Architecten, in collaboration with Estudio Lamela, ABT bv, Ineco and with the support of Arnout Meijer Studio, DGMR Adviseurs and Planeground, won the new Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Terminal for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, set for completion in 2023.
It was great to be part of this gigantic project.