AXYZ Anima 2 Tutorial #2 – A Quickstart Guide

AXYZ design has released a new tutorial aimed at getting users acquainted with ANIMA 2 in less time than it takes to drink a coffee. Anima Quick Start” is the second in an ongoing series of short tutorials aimed at getting you (and your 3d people)  running smooth with Anima.

In the first chapter above, AXYZ demonstrated installation and finding your way around the Interface, this second part demonstrates the core features and workflow of Anima so new users can start creating animations right away.

We designed Anima to make character animation for Arch Vis child’s play. But don’t take our word for it, watch this video and in just 10 minutes we’ll show you how to create your first animation by adding characters to a typical scene. We’ll introduce you to the essentials of the Anima workflow including exporting surfaces, using background models in Anima, populating the scene with walking, standing and seated people, and finally importing animated characters into 3ds Max or Cinema 4D for rendering.

This quick start tutorial is ideal for new users, people who are trying out the free version, or those who are curious to see just how easy and powerful ANIMA 2 really is. It is designed to get you up and running in the shortest possible time so you can start creating your own amazing projects.

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  1. JobWallis
    JobWallis says:

    We are using Anima 2 and so far have found it be very good. It’s thankfully a different product altogether than version 1 😉
    We are using it in production with up to 200 actors and aiming to go more. Setup is easy. Its actually quite fun to use. I endorse this product. Though the support from aXYZ leaves a little to be desired. Eg the space they have on their support page for the forum is still blank as of this date. We have had to figure out quite alot just by experimenting. Has not crashed yet. Its strange that a good product is let down by lacking support.

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