AXIS Viana Hotel by Leandro Silva & ROOM

Two Braga, Portugal based ArchVIZ studios Leandro Silva ARCH.VIZ and the ROOM join forces and showcase their first shared in-house work – The AXIS Viana Hotel by VHM. With this project they explore both photorealistic and conceptual approach to visualization and promise more to come… What do you think? I’ve added references to the real building at the bottom.

Axis Viana Hotel_cam 02_FM

Axis Viana Hotel_cam 01_FM

We made it. Now we’ll make it even better.

Leandro Silva ARCH.VIZ & ROOM describe the project…


Axis Viana Hotel represents one of our newest works where the main idea was to share two different approaches : photorealistic and conceptual.

For the photorealistic views we used the two well-known references of the project and tried to reproduce them 100% equal to achieve the most precise and accurate result possible. On the other hand, the three conceptual views are focused in creating a personal vision of the building in a post-apocalyptic future, with all the environment and time consuming that this scenario may be represented.

Architecture developed by VHM.

Axis Viana Hotel_cam 03_FM

VHM_Axis Viana_cam 04_FM

VHM_Axis Viana_cam 04_V02_FM

Create. It is what we proposed to do, since the beginning, over and over. Start, go forward, back, redo, but mostly explore. The creative process is developed through a range of different ideas, looking for the best narrative. Every new image, we build an approach, share our “vision”. After all, isn’t it the reason we create?
We made it. Now we’ll make it even better.


And there is more to come at Leandro Silva ARCH.VIZ | ROOM

AXIS Viana Hotel by VHM

Architecture : VHM
Photography : Nelson Garrido

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  1. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Leandro and Pedro show us in a cool video the process of creating their latest Axis Viana Hotel visual :

    “Resume the whole process behind Axis Viana Hotel is not an easy task. We understand that a simple tutorial would not be enough. So we thought doing it in some other way: a breakthrough video from the raw to the final image. Each phase in the workflow is important. More relevant than whether it is 3d or post-production, in the end, everything has to make sense. We are mostly interested in building an approach but, above all, be able to express our idea for the project.”

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