2011 Forums Summary Winners!

The first month of 2012 on the forums was about summarizing your work during 2011. I asked all of you to share your best work on the forums TECH TALK sections, and after a few days of voting on the Blog’s Facebook Fan Page… it’s time to hand out some cool gifts!

I’d like to thank all who took part in this and hope that more of you will get on-board the next one. I know that the Facebook like voting process was not ideal, but this was intended to be a less formal event and next time I might make some changes to the way we all vote (feel free to contact me with suggestions).

You had 4 categories to take part in : Lighting, Postwork, Modeling and Texturing. And here are the best ones according to your votes…


The lighting category is sponsored by Dutch Skies 360°, HDRI panoramic skies for CG Visualization, Film, VFX and more… From the Netherlands by Bob Groothuis.


Bob’s HDRI skies are in use by many architectural visualization artists and lately also been known to be used in high-profile game production and film… Dutch Skies were used in pretty much the entire Infinity Blade II game, done with UDK for the iPhone and iPad by Epic Games. It was also used in the film Immortals (mentioned in a fxguide interview about the making of the VFX at 02:34).

We have 2 winners in the lighting category…

First Place : Forum Member – Blowback (Chris Kowal). Getting all 4 volumes of Dutch Skies 360.


Second Place : Forum Member – DBRender. Getting the Dutch Skies 360 – Autumn Pack.


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The lighting category is sponsored by Cebas PSD-Manager, A most advanced PSD file exporter for 3ds Max that will save you lots of time by saving your renders with all channels and many more masks directly in a PSD file to be edited in Photoshop or other supporting applications.

We have a winner in the postwork category and also discount coupons to be handed out (I’ll be contacting you one by one about this, so if you don’t have updated contact details in your forum profile – this is the time to update it)

First Place : Forum Member – tiktiktiktik. Getting a PSD-Manager 3 License.


There is also a Special Sponsor Pick… Daniel Schmidt, the developer of PSD-Manager liked what Pixelflakes had to show very much and they will also get a free license!

And in his own words…

I like to give PixelFlakes a license for the best Photoshop post production tutorial in the contest and so they can further speed up their 3dsmax / Photoshop workflow.

Visit the complete 2011 Postwork Summary Thread.


The modeling category is sponsored by DesignConnected, probably the most popular provider of great 3d models of beautiful furniture for use in architectural visualization and more.


DesignConnected’s aim is to deliver the best quality digital content for all the interior design professionals. Starting from all the design classics, going through the most iconic modern design furniture and ending with the latest design arrivals at the furniture fair stands. You just can’t go wrong with picking a DesignConnected model…

We have 3 winners in the modeling category…

First Place : Forum Member – DBRender. Getting 200 EUR in DC vouchers.


Second Place : Forum Member – Exor. Getting 150 EUR in DC vouchers.


Third Place : Forum Member – Kodissimo. Getting 100 EUR in DC vouchers.


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The texturing category is sponsored by MightyTiles, the procedural tiling plugin for 3ds max created by Dieter Finkenzeller (the developer of BRIX). The new plugin offers the same functionality supporting the latest builds of 3dsmax & VRay.

We have 3 winners in the texturing category…

First Place : Forum Member – DBRender. Getting MightyTiles LIFE TIME License!!!


Second Place : Forum Member – Jiminy-Billy-Bob. Getting MightTiles License.


Third Place : Forum Member – JimmyRibas. Getting MightTiles License.


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  1. kodissimo
    kodissimo says:

    like i wrote on forum: this was a big surprise for me. thank you for votes and congrats to all participants – especially to those who won 😉

  2. dBrenders
    dBrenders says:

    Thank you very much! I’m really stunned, never expected that, i want to thank you very much the people who liked the images, and also the participants, they posted awesome images. I’ve started a nice friendship with some of them, hoping we can keep it for a long time. Also thank to Ronen for this summary and his great blog and forum, I think is a very nice oportunity for showing the bests works one made in the year, and also thank to the sponsors to collaborate with it and with really nice prizes and gifts!!

  3. kukas81
    kukas81 says:

    @dBrenders …well done man!!!!!!!! seems to see u in the next academy day as a teacher???? see u in venice..

    • dBrenders
      dBrenders says:

      @kukas81 hehehe, no way man, i still have a lot to learn, i’m just a sketchup newbie, 😉 see you in Venice!! academy day 3!!

  4. ck_1138
    ck_1138 says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks to Ronen and the sponsors as well! 2012 here we go.

  5. jiminy-billy-bob
    jiminy-billy-bob says:

    Congrats everybody !If I have time, I’ll try to make a review from this MightyTiles licence 🙂

    A great thanks to Ronen and the Sponsors

    • ronenbekerman
      ronenbekerman says:

      @Dollmaker MightyTiles is the new incarnation of what used to be BRIX. IT is developed by the same programmer of BRIX – Dieter Finkenzeller, and will go out on sale very soon 😉

  6. 3dStudioPrins
    3dStudioPrins says:

    Congrats to all winners!! I’ve seen some great impressions!

    Goodluck to all this year!

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