65 Free Cutout People by xoio

Studio xoio previously shared 19 free cutout people they made, and today they release 65 more. This time they used a green screen to make the masking process a lot easier and with better results.

Go ahead and get them people here


Here’s how they look in the field doing it…


xoio decided to detach their freebie section from their blog into a new site they named xoio-air where they are going to keep deploying content back to the community… Air it out. That is a great idea!

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  1. kodissimo
    kodissimo says:

    fantastic giveaway! thanks XOIO! thank you Ronen for forwarding this oportunity to download it.

  2. TiagoAlexandrino
    TiagoAlexandrino says:

    Another Great Stuff by XOIO, like always! Thanks Peter Stulz for this great Package and thanks to you too Ronen for forwarding this great package here too!

    • xoio
      xoio says:

      @TiagoAlexandrinomain credits here go to our fabolous Katrin & Steve who did the Lasso on all those images for fine-masking. actually the whole green-screen thing worked out quite fine to process as a batch – but everything needed quite a touch-up afterwards though 😉

      glad you like it!

    • xoio
      xoio says:

      @TiagoAlexandrinomain credits here go to our fabolous Katrin & Steve who did the lasso on all those images after they dropped out of fusion we used for batch-processing them. actually the green-screen thing worked out fine but everything needed some rework afterwards though 😉

      best regards


      • TiagoAlexandrino
        TiagoAlexandrino says:

        @xoio So Congratulations to Katrin and Steve! 😀 ehehIt was a really good work indeed. Yes the green screen is very good, but not perfect in cases like this one, always need some help from the lasso tool ;)Best Regards


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