Chillout Sessions / Miniature Architectural Dioramas

Australian creative agency Collider created this super cool concept for the Ministry of Sound album artwork of Chillout Sessions XII. It is a homage to Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra and the lifestyles their buildings accommodated, Chillout Sessions XII takes you to a fusion of time periods somewhere between the 50’s and the 80’s in the filtered light of California. This miniature diorama features the artists from the compilation in house chilling out. Great idea and lovely execution!

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‘The Mountain’ Amazing Video

It’s holiday time here and I’m taking it slow doing some blog & forums upgrades, as well as some personal 3d stuff. You probably noticed some forum downtime last night, and I shared an amazing video via twitter & Facebook to make for a nicer waiting until it was back up… well, it’s to good to not feature here too. “The Mountain” by Terje Sorgjerd was filmed this April showcasing what an amazing world we are all privileged to live on! let’s keep it that way.

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Amazing Sky Fighters Video

From time to time I post an amazing video coupled with great sound too. I couldn’t resist posting this tribute to the French movie “Les Chevaliers du Ciel” made by Bart Dragtsma. Probably the best fighter jets photography I’ve seen, amazingly edited and enhanced by the soundtrack… Sky Dancing!

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Mixing (Vocal) Elements A Capella a la Mike Tompkins

Taking a break here from the main theme, and yet it is related. I been doing some exercises lately, rendering out EXR’s with full channel info, comping them all in PS. Nothing came out even remotely cool as the super channel mixing in post – Vocal Style – made by the ‘crazy’ talented Mike Tompkins! This dude records each layer of sound separately using his voice alone and comp’s it all to form some of the greatest covers I heard so far. Enjoy!

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