The City Limits / Amazing Timelapse by Dominic

The CityLIFE challenge is near the finish-line, just 10+ days to go… and I found an amazing timelapse today, named “The City Limits”, that I like to share with you all – kick-starting the day and inspiring all the challengers to take their entries to the finish-line. Dominic Boudreault has a lot more interesting images and videos on his site, so do visit.

Over all it is one year in the making!

Music is “Time” by Hans Zimmer

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  1. ChristianMiranda
    ChristianMiranda says:

    What an excellent source of inspiration! Thanks, Ronen!

    That´s a trully inspiring video.

  2. leel0u
    leel0u says:

    the picture are very nice, especially unusual for an everyday point of view and fitting nice and smooth.

    Shame about the musica, se i can afford a criticism that make it all a bit boring.

    After the 17th mpvie has almost established a standard of musical accompaniment for movies CG. Now it seems that the same is transferred to the photograph? But why?

    The images return a sense of dynamism, frenzy, mechanics, dynamics of the movement agitated and lively so i wonder why this soundtrack continues which would be siutable only for the few frames that describe the starry sky and the house in the forest?

    Inthe frames of the ship that runs almost like swinging a comic clash of Charlie Chaplin Charlot with this music almost comically.

    Sorry for my clumy attempt to explain what i think, through a very inadequate english.

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