Amazing Sky Fighters Video

From time to time I post an amazing video coupled with great sound too. I couldn’t resist posting this tribute to the French movie “Les Chevaliers du Ciel” made by Bart Dragtsma. Probably the best fighter jets photography I’ve seen, amazingly edited and enhanced by the soundtrack… Sky Dancing!

I wonder how much is real and were CG was used if any – I hope none! pay attention to 2:36 – see something odd? The sound clip is “Into the Fire” from Thirteen Senses.

more highlights

  • 0:50 – Great Cloud Transition
  • 1:32 – Sky Dancing
  • 3:16 – Flares, Flares…
10 replies
  1. Mohammad Rashad
    Mohammad Rashad says:

    Wooow what a Great work…!!!
    I loved the Camera movements especially with the slow motion part…& yeah nice song too…..:)

  2. Muke Jombi
    Muke Jombi says:

    cool….nice one though….i see some funny things too
    the last rocketing scene….thats fire rockets or just drop it !?

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