Construction Site at Sunrise and Moonlight by Arkin Adam Esref

Arkin Adam Esref posted some great work on the forums lately. His ‘Construction Site at Moonlight’ awarded him with Visualization Pro of the Week at CGArchitect and he also made a day version of it too. The towers look very good and futuristic, as well as the high level of detail Arkin is managing to push into the foreground in both versions. I like the lighting very much too, Impressive work.

Here are Arkin’s images that he made in this set. You can see all of them in both his threads Construction Site at Sunrise & Construction Site at Moonlight.

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  1. glimpse
    glimpse says:

    ou, i’ve seen this.. think I got it in news mail from CGArchitect.

    At first I thought, well it’s interesting… it’s different. but as I look more and more I start to find more. I Just noticed the level of detail.

    It’s original aproach of arch viz to say at least.

    Just dreamed out – what if everyone would go in his own direction… without copy/pasting. The world of archviz would be way different.

  2. Paul Hatton
    Paul Hatton says:

    These visuals have got an absolutely delightful feel to them and as other people have mentioned, a cracking amount of detail.

    The texture work is also fantastic.

    Well done Arkin

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