RailClone Glazing Tutorial

March 14, 2014 |  by  |  How-To, Tutorials

iToo Software returns with a new episode of their RailClone Tips & Tricks tutorials. In this installment, they show us how to easily create curved and double-curved frameless glazing systems.

railclone glazing tutorial 728x296 RailClone Glazing Tutorial

“RailClone’s 2D array generator is ideal for creating many types of building facade. In this Tips & Tricks episode we’ll look at how to create point-fixed glazing, sometimes also known as spider glass. The style created in this tutorial is designed to be simple to adjust for fast iteration and easy re-use in future scenes, additionally the same techniques can be applied to a wide range of different curtain wall and facade styles.”

geo 728x354 RailClone Glazing Tutorial

The advanced ten minute video shows how to use these simple models with RailClone’s node based editor to create a complete glazing system controlled by two splines.

Go ahead and check the RailClone Spider Glazing Tutorial page now…

The clouds in the render are courtesy of Peter Guthrie, using the free HDR map he gave away at Christmas.

The files that come with this series are compatible with 3DS Max 2010 – 2013, and RailClone Pro 2.1.

Make sure you check the readme file that comes with this scene for the terms of use.


Recently got Railclone, dont' know how I ever functioned without it!

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