SKALGUBBAR / Free 2D Cutout People

You can never have enough 2d cutout people for your renders. A steady supply is needed to avoid repetition and today I stumbled upon this great looking site and resource by Teodor Javanaud Emdén called SKALGUBBAR. It is an online library of free high-resolution cutout images of people for your renderings. Finding people images on the internet was hard so Teodor started to take photos of his friends and they all started to use them in their visualizations.

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VizPeople Submitted Image Winner

Congratulations to Jakub Gramczynski for winning the second stage of the VizPeople giveaway! During the month of August I held that giveaway and the first winner was randomly selected from all who commented in the original VizPeople giveaway post. Jakub’s seamless entourage insertion skills, as seen also in his Dune Apartments project, awarded him with a VizPeople collection of his choice. Big thanks to VizPeople sponsoring this giveaway and to all who took part in it… see you in the next one!

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Dune Apartments by Jakub Gramczynski

Here’s a selection of images Jakub Gramczynski showcased on the forums that were made while working at Mellon Architekci architectural office. They both served as a design tool for checking if the project is heading the right way and as a marketing tool too in the promotional project website and print. Jakub also made several video recordings of his process to share with you all.

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