Studio: Omega Render

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: London United Kingdom

For the first time, we publish the results of our internal competition among artists –
Omega Render Battle.
It’s already our 3rd battle, which happened among our Team. These are non-commercial works that artists do for fun on a particular theme. Similarly, we allow artists to discover their creative potential and display their creativity in a competitive environment.
“The first 3 seconds of anti-gravity” was the theme of this battle.
Besides, there are some easter eggs on these images. Can you spot them? Hint: they are heart-shaped.
Look closer!

Works made by:
Sergey Kolbasnikov – Art-Director
Sergey Shelestyukovich – Art-Director
Gainan Rustam – 3D Artist
Roman Derevianko – 3D Artist
Sofia Arondar – 3D Artist
Evgeny Mironinko – 3D Artist

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