Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Budapest Hungary

This drove me mad. I wanted to simulate what is doing in reality, but with 3ds Max and Corona Renderer. You know, just using the basics. So I followed this tutorial and I thought “pretty easy, right? I can do this on a weekend”. Well… I went through so many iterations of the cloud in order to look realistic and changing the interior almost as many times as the cloud that, in the end, I spent over a month on this. I was realy stubborn on doing it with just the basics, without involving other softwares, but… because I wanted some extra details of the cloud I actually used some vdb. files that I got from . And that’s not a bad thing because I had to learn about some new great stuff. Like what vdb. files are, or exploring Phoenix FD at the office, discovering Houdini, things that I really want to explore further and make some other cool stuff. But, for now, this is my Taming A Cloud.

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