Studio: N/A

Designer / Architect: N/A

Client: N/A

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Rajasthan India

The structure’s original architecture was kept as is mostly everywhere, it was only refurbished. The grand ‘Chhatris’ of roofs were kept and made into personal massage therapy rooms.

It was a challenge to this as the project was only a pitch and they didn’t have any original drawings of the structure. Most of the model was built by eye balling pictures and estimating judgements. The archways ref. images were provided by the client and then later covered in jali.

It was quite a big premises and the work was broken up according to areas, i got this exterior sauna and Jacuzzi area showing the courtyard filled with special outdoor massage tents.

The only con about this project was that it was get through and the whole thing went down. Would’ve been a nice place to Chill and relax.