Designer / Architect: Katerra

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: USA United States

Typology: Interior
Status: Realized
Location: USA
Customer (Architecture): Katerra
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 2 weeks

We realized this interior visualization project for the unique company Katerra. Katerra was founded as materials supplier in 2015.
The founders understood that applying systems approaches to building development, design, and construction would remove unnecessary time and costs and a vision of a future where efficiency wouldn’t have to come at the expense of quality or sustainability.
Now the company combines decades of industry experience alongside leadership from some of the most groundbreaking companies in technology, manufacturing, design, and engineering.
The main goal of our visualizations was to show using in the luxury interior such elements as door handles, faucets, towel holders, ventilation systems, as well as other important details of any interior.
All these stylish unique items and systems made using the latest technology add luxury to the interior and comfort in their use.
And it seems we were able to convey the idea that the company Katerra wanted to present through visualization.

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