Studio: Imminent

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned

We were given the chance to work on the styling and visualization for this set of interiors of two high-end villas located on the north coast of Egypt. Uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean and the “golden hour” lighting as reference were the bases we had to start exploring the visual concepts of the whole set.

Notable Replies

  1. ronen says:

    Very nice set César!

    I think you nailed the daylight (not so sure about the dusk ones… not all of the images).

    I love the warm tones, almost monochromatic color palette. Imminent was in-charge of all that?

    Where exactly in the north coast of Egypt is this located?

  2. cesarmhin says:

    Thanks for your comments @ronen!

    I agree, we had some doubts while working on the tones of the dusk images. But I think that the daylight was achieved in a great way, maybe the fact that the warm tones are very similar to the ones we normally have here in Costa Rica helped us get there.

    About the styling and tones, yes we were commissioned to develop the interior look for the project. Were pretty lucky to have so much freedom to propose actually.

    The project is set to be located near Marsa Matruh.

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