Studio: 3dedintorni

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Turin Italy

Here I am to compare two incredible render engines like VRayforC4D and Maxwell Render on an interior scene created in Cinema4D.

I often work with both of them but obviously not on the same project. I decided to model this scene and recreate a typical Ikea set to compare render speed, image cleaning, settings and materials used for the same set, lights and camera settings.

This test doesn’t want to figure out which is the best render engine simply because it would not be possible, each of them has its own characteristics and they are two excellent products. It would be like comparing Canon and Nikon!

In this test I used 1.9 versions of VRayforC4D and 3.2.5 version of Maxwell Render, both of CPU. The images are rendered on clients with two quad Xeon 2.13 Ghz.

The complete making is available at this link