Studio: Omega Render

Client: Wilson Associates

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Singapore Singapore

This is not the first time that we are pleased to present you our next collaboration with Wilson Associates Singapore.

The main feature of this interior is that the things of diverse cultures interweave in one space. This transmites an incredible charge that will undoubtedly be delivered to the hotel guests. The mix of textures, materials, surfaces makes you see the relation of the incomparable and feel the possibility of combining them. Being inside this hotel, you realise the value of the air, harmony, peace and well-organized space. 

Every object in this interior is linked by a uniform style and meaning. In addition, the warm shades of wood soften the dominant gray in the interior.

Furthemore, we have to pay attention on the work of our 3d visual artists. Notice how accurately they portrayed the distortion of the underwater space due to the refraction of light and also took into account the reflection of the pool on the ceiling. Such attention to details is necessary if we want to get a photorealistic image at the output.

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