Studio: Omega Render

Client: Zephyr Architects

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Boston United States

Today we are glad to introduce you Gateway Nubian, the new focal point for Boston public and cultural activities. The central idea of this project was the transformation and landscape gardening of Nubian square. The facility itself will represent a mixture of commercial, cultural, educational and living spaces.

The concept of the facility is built around ecological issues. For this reason, environmentally friendly materials are incorporated into the architectural structure of the building.​​​​​​​ In fact, this construction may be one of the first mass timber tall buildings in the USA. Also, to correspond with the theme, a cozy park is planted around the Gateway Nubian. The interaction with nature inside the facility will be achieved by fresh air from the open green terraces.

Taking on this project, we understood the importance of our client’s concept. In order to portray the attractiveness of the public space, we decided to display the building and its surroundings in a mood of bright sunny weather, the perfect time to visit this place. Moreover, we did our best to picture the way sunlight penetrates the panoramic windows into the facility and goes back into the street. On another image, we embarked on a different strategy using the windows as a reflecting surface.

The client did not ask us to duplicate the surroundings of the building that is why we left the white boxes on the bird view shot. In this case, no irrelevant objects distract our attention from Gateway Nubian.


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