Studio: Roman Sinitsa

Designer / Architect: ATO studio & Forms Architects

Client: AVA Almaty Vilnius Architects

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Contemporary Bar in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Total area
124 square meters

Design by A. Gorodkov, S. Karmalova​​​​​​​

A. Gorodkov, S. Karmalova
Leading architect:
in progress autumn-winter 2017
Modeling &Vizualization:
R. Sinitsa

AVA Almaty Vilnius Architects

Notable Replies

  1. db.inforender says:

    I really love the quality of some materials, ( the floor quality is excellent), The composition and lighting looks very good to me too, great work

  2. ronen says:

    Thanks for sharing this @Roman_Sinitsa

    This CGI set looks amazing and I think the keyword here is MATERIALS, Materials, materials!

    The bar area looks amazing with the bottle display light and particularly like the vanity image… the color combination there is beutiful with the green tiles and the rusted corten like sink :wink:

    Keep it going…

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