Studio: Dmitriy Grynevich Architects

Personal / Commissioned: Personal

230 m2
This wonderful apartment was created for an extraordinary family that lives in the wonderful city of Rouen.
For work we got a large room with a well-preserved stucco. The hosts wanted us to create eclecticism for them, but it’s unusual. In other words, we needed a fresh design with modern, branded furniture and a smart home system.
What interesting we did.
Firstly, the floor. A large French Christmas tree made of boards.
Secondly, we came up with an excellent one !!! chandelier in the center of the living room, which is made of metal pipes of different lengths with luminous tips. We simulated the oxidized bronze and covered it with glossy varnish.
Thirdly, behind the sofa on the wall a panel was placed from a court, in which the words “this accent” are cut out by a laser. The panel is illuminated by LED lighting. In addition, the panel is mounted on 4 huge brackets in the corners. This panel looks very impressive, because it’s a little strange.
Fourthly, in front of the Court’s panel, on the nightstands, there are street lights-columns! This is instead of the usual desktop floor lamps. They also had to decorate under bronze, in support of the chandelier.
This is the main thing that makes this interior special.
This large apartment has everything that hosts need for a comfortable life and aesthetic pleasure.