Tempo Penthouse

Visualisation of beautiful rooftop penthouse done for Tempo Company based in Banja Luka, Bosnia. I got basic ideas and materials that needed to be implemented and got freedom to do the interior design. The result speak for itself

Parisian Refurbishment

This is a personal project that I’ve been working on my spare time for about two months now.

It all started as Corona released a new sample scene for Cinema 4D, Paris Apartment by Slashcube. I thought it was a nice opportunity to work on something different in my spare time, since having most of clients in Costa Rica regularly provides me with tropical-themed projects. So I thought, yeah why not a parisian apartment?

After that, the idea was to turn the classic original concept into a contemporary refurbishment with all what it includes. It was a great opportunity to explore floor generators in C4D as well as to explore with different textures that I don’t usually use for beach or tropical projects.

Here is the first set of images from the project, showcasing its common areas. I hope to be able to share a second set in the next months.