Bright Future in a Bright World

Hi All,

Such a long time since I posted anything. So here is my latest personal project called “Bright Future in a Bright World”.
The idea of the image came from a road trip in Denmark. I was amazed of the beautiful landscape and wheat fields right next to the motorway. After that I decided to recreate that mood with a hint of retro futurism to add some extra meaning…


Hope you like it 🙂


The main idea of ​​the project is in mobile modules (houses), designed for two or three people. Each module has a personal decorative lighting and connection to the electrical network. In view of the fact that modules are mobile, the common space of an institution can be transformed.

Industrial Loft

Two sides of a beautiful industrial loft with two floors, with garden.
All models are made with 3DS Max, rendered with V-ray 3.4, the pillows on sofa with Marvelous 6.
Post-production is been made with Photoshop CC.
Lights are made with HDRI.

Capitol Hill Loft by SHED Architecture & Design