Salle Labrouste by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit revisits Paris again. After La Maison de Verre, he goes for an even more vintage building – The Interior of the Labrouste reading hall at the “Richelieu” branch of the French National Library (1862-1868). As always, it was all modeled by him using 3dsmax and heavy use if iToo Software‘s RailClone plugin for 3dsmax. Wonderful inspiration for the beginning of this week!

Bertrand on this project technical aspects :

This project was born from the idea to give RailClone, by iToo Software, a bit of a stress-test and, in doing so, to do a piece I had thought about for several years but never found a way to fit into 3ds Max. This is typically the kind of scene that would have been very difficult, perhaps impossible, to build without such a plugin.


I’m pretty happy with how the RailClone plugin performed on the whole. The latest versions, with the node editor, have considerably simplified the process of modeling complex structures from discrete elements. The material randomization tools were also very useful in generating natural variations, for instance on the tabletops. The point-cloud preview allows a fluid navigation of the scene and its precision can be adjusted. The only caveat is that extreme deformations of some assets can mess up the geometry and lead to strange stretching and crunching. These sometimes have to be fixed in edit-poly.

Check out Bertrand’s forum thread and join the discussion at– Salle Labrouste.

You can see all of them in his blog post about this project.

More about Henri Labrouste

Check out this video about the Architect Henri Labrouste and the Reading Hall :

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  1. akabruit
    akabruit says:

    Beautiful! I’m wondering since he stated it would be hard to fit in 3ds Max. I imagine such a scene gets heavy in any software or is it especially tough on 3ds? Would any other software handle this better? I’m wondering since I’m about to start working on a series of huge scenes with a lot if detail.

  2. fjoannot
    fjoannot says:

    i’m asking you! please, could someone tell me how to achieve this kind of bokeh ?

  3. bbb3viz
    bbb3viz says:

    fjoannot: Just wrote a little post on customizing bokehs in V-Ray, with a few custom aperture maps to grab and play with:

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