3 Free 3D Furniture Models by Talcik | Demovicova

Looking up some Dedon furniture models today, I stumbled back on this great free offering by Juraj Talcik & Veronika Demovicova. Not new, but worth a share once more… if only to spark the interest back and get them to keep that page active with more cool stuff.

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Visit Talcik | Demovicova and make sure you follow Juraj Talcik’s Behance Portfolio as well as Veronika Demovicova’s Behance Portfolio to learn more about them and their work.

These are the Poliform models that you can find on the download page too



  • Toh Yeong Chin

    cannot download ?

  • Tchock Mx

    mira Daniel, mi dut!

  • Daniel Canino

    Venga!! Hay que descargarlos!!

  • EdualdoMashadoo

    Where is no link at the dawnload page.

  • EdualdoMashadoo

    Just “Share it around!” and take nothing.

  • ozguristanbulluoglu

    Look it again , u can find download icon under product information

  • AkbarBinAbdulRahman

    no link to download

  • ozguristanbulluoglu

    Here The Download Link My Friends

  • ozguristanbulluoglu

    AkbarBinAbdulRahman look at again please my post

  • fjoannot
  • EdualdoMashadoo

    ozguristanbulluoglu We are not blinde. It does not react, it’d just an  download icone image.

  • rombout

    Nice! thanks

  • waipot

    thanks you

  • HectorGomez1

    the download button does´t work

  • ozguristanbulluoglu

    EdualdoMashadoo ozguristanbulluoglu i downloaded , also i try to help you…maybe i’m blind helping to you..

  • AkbarBinAbdulRahman

    ozguristanbulluoglu AkbarBinAbdulRahman
    i found it, thnx, but sometimes thers no action while i clicking on the download icon

  • wei_hun

    fjoannot Thanks a lot! Though you left out the link for the wardrobe.


  • ArqEch

    Los links están muertos, no descarga nada .. pueden subirlos a Megaupload u otra página. Gracias.

  • fjoannot

    wei_hun fjoannot Thanks ! I forgot this one indeed

  • ChristopherJMM

    Working now, and the model looks great. Yet again Thanks Ronen, great site and great work!

  • ChristopherJMM

    Working now, and the model looks great. Yet again Thanks Ronen, great site and great work!

  • HoloGram

    OK here’s a solution for the link – hold Ctrl and minus symbol to resize your page to about 75% and the link shows up.