La Maison de Verre by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit shared his latest larger personal project on the forums yesterday – La Maison de Verre. Completed in the early 30’s by architect and designer Pierre Chareau, Bertrand took it on himself to recreate it in 3d as real as possible… resembling the original. The attention to details is what you would expect by now from Mr. B, and yet it still amazes me time and time again. Thank you very much for bringing this house to my attention (and thanks to Peter Guthrie too for initially suggesting it).

Bertrand on this project technical aspects :

There is not much to say about this on the technical side as everything is pretty standard. The one exception is the rubber floor, which I built as a 2D-Array with iToo’s RailClone 2. This is a great tool to (among many other things) arrange relatively complex tiles or planks into large floors whose borders are defined by splines. Itoo has a few tutorials on this particular feature on their website right now, which are well worth watching. I also used the latest version of Mighty Tiles to make a herringbone glazed brick floor (which, sadly, does not really appear in any of the final images) and the cobbled courtyard outside.

The lighting is provided by a V-Ray DomeLight, using HDR skies by Peter Guthrie and CGSkies. Some of the interior renders have a softbox or two.

Check out Bertrand’s forum thread and join the discussion at – La Maison de Verre

Here are some of Bertrand’s images that he made in this set. You can see all of them in his blog post about this project.

More about La Maison de Verre

Here are more references for this house, should you like to learn more about it :

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