RailClone 2.3 Released

iToo Software have announced the release of RailClone 2.3 Lite and Pro. In addition to Max 2015 support, this version adds a number of new features, most noteworthy being the ability to deform a RailClone object by projecting it onto a surface. This release also includes the ability to add corners to 2d arrays, new controls for beveling and offsetting corner geometry, and new controls to dynamically set the size of segments using scene units. See below for an abridged version of the release notes or check out the demo reel to get a glimpse of the main new features.

Key Features:

  • Support for 3ds Max 2015.
  • Conform to Surfaces: Works for all generator types and enables segments to conform to the geometry of a surface, following the Z axis of the RailClone object.
  • Fixed Size for Segment and Transform nodes. If greater than zero, fixes the size of a segment, optionally rescaling the geometry.
  • Added Corner segments for 2d Array Generators.
  • Bevel segments in the Corner inputs using Corner>Bevel Corner for both Linear and A2S Generators, with new controls to adjust the offset of the bevelled corner.
  • Random node can use its own seed. If disabled, uses the global seed value.
  • Added support of Vertex Alpha, and Vertex Illumination channels.

As usual, a Lite version of the software is freely available to download as well as full release notes, both on iToo Software website.

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