PETER GUTHRIE HDRI Skies Submitted Image Winner / Maciej Kozlowski

Congratulations to Maciej Kozlowski for winning the second stage of the August 2014 PETER GUTHRIE HDRi Skies giveaway! During the month of August I held that giveaway and the first winner was randomly selected from all who commented in the original PETER GUTHRIE HDRi Skies giveaway post. Maciej’s architectural subject and coastal location were blended very well with Peter’s 1044 Overcast HDRi Sky, resulting in a beautifully moody and compelling visual which awards him a complete set of 45 skies from Series No. 1! Big thanks to Peter Guthrie for sponsoring this giveaway and to all who took part in it… see you in the next one!

Here is the original frame :


1044 Overcast Sun HDRi was used to make this visual :

1044 Overcast Sun

1044 scene02

Check out the new skies from Series No. 2 that Peter started to upload not long ago to his online shop! There are 10 NEW SKIES ONLINE already.

This is also a great opportunity to wish Peter all the best with his new venture – THE BOUNDARY. An architectural visualisation studio based in London, founded by Peter Guthrie & Henry Goss. Peter Guthrie Visualisation will now focus on personal projects, blogging & HDRi skies.


See you all on the next Giveaway 😉