Winner Announced: PETER GUTHRIE HDRI Skies Giveaway

The 2nd 2014 blog birthday giveaway is here! Welcoming PETER GUTHRIE who will give one of you lucky followers a chance to pick 9 HDRI SKIES from his 48 strong collection. One of you will also have the chance to win a complete set of 45 HDRI SKIES SERIES. 1 by sending a 3d render/s you made using one of his skies or the free one provided here.


Well… the name says it all really 😉

Peter Guthrie is one of the most talented, respected and admired ArchVIZ Artists world-wide. He is also well known for his high quality HDRi Skies he’s been selling for almost 5 years and are being used by many of you with great results.


Peter recently launched his new HDRI SHOP on his own website and also started to add more skies to his historic 45 collection. 3 such new skies have been added so far, and one of these skies – HDRI – 1120 MOSTLY CLOUDY BRIGHT SUN is being offered to you for free during this giveaway is back on offer via the shop and no longer free to download as this giveaway has ended.


Peter’s Skies are approx 9000px wide, good enough in most cases to be used as the directly visible sky. When you want more control, or the sky is visibly low res, you can use the supplied 12 megapixel backplates which comes with a series of straight shots of the sky taken at the same time as the HDRi and with the same color temperature so it matches your render. Photos are in both .jpg and 16 bit .dng format.

Grab the free HDRI sky here… If you don’t have an HDRi from Peter by now, you’ll need this one to enter the 2nd stage and submit a render using it for a chance to win a complete set of 45 HDRi Skies! The free HDRI is no longer on offer. You can purchase it from PETER GUTHRIE’s shop along with all the other skies on offer.

How to Enter


Use the widget below to enter for the Giveaway and to my Newsletter. Already subscribed to my Newsletter? Not to worry… it counts for the Giveaway and all of you can add more entries via Facebook & Twitter.


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Submit Your Image

The second part of sending your 3d renders showcasing the use of Peter’s HDRi will end on September 19. Please send in your images by Clicking Here making sure you name the image file with your full name and serial number if you send more than one image as follows – first-last-##.jpg

Please also mention which sky is used if other than the free one provided 😉

Big thanks to PETER GUTHRIE for sponsoring this giveaway. Good luck, and be sure to follow this blog or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!

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  1. Ajrdn
    Ajrdn says:

    ronenbekerman Ajrdn Hey sorry for the late response here, yes It allowed me to download the file VIA we transfer to my HDD and when I tried to open it with preview it said the file is “locked”.  I tried photoshop and it opened a file though all it contained was a half black half white solid that occupied the entire canvas. does this make any sense?

  2. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Congratulations to Jonathan Sabbadini for winning the 1st stage of this Giveaway 😉 2nd stage is still running so send in your images using the link above for a chance to win 45 PETER GUTHRIE SKIES!

  3. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Ajrdn ronenbekerman Ok – check this FAQ page on Peter’s site. Maybe you are missing something.

  4. Jonathan Sabbadini
    Jonathan Sabbadini says:

    Wow ^____^! Thank you Ronen! Love your blog, always a great source of inspiration.
    Peter’s HDRI will be very useful!

  5. rombout
    rombout says:

    What color profile is use in the HDR cause when i open i need to assign one to it. I dont want to loose the color depth to much

  6. rombout
    rombout says:

    What color profile is use in the HDR cause when i open i need to assign one to it. I dont want to loose the color depth to much

  7. DiegoNavarroMateu
    DiegoNavarroMateu says:

    One doubt
    Can be sent more than one render per person? Could it be an alternative version of a render?

  8. rombout
    rombout says:

    What colors profile is used in the HDR? When I open it in photoshop it asks for which one to use, I don’t want to mess up the colors

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