miniCHALLENGE 01 / BRIX : Winners Announced

Congratulation to the winners of the first miniCHALLANGE by Materialwerk and yours truly! From August 15 to September 15, Sponsored by the good people at Materialwerk, I was holding the forums first miniCHALLANGE. The participants were asked to use the BRIX Lite Edition and to create an image with one or more of the 8 included materials that show what BRIX is best for. The contributions were really great and we were surprised how well BRIX Lite Edition was used in the scenes. Apart from the winners, all other participants will receive a 50% discount for their contributions. So in a way, everyone has won…

1st Prize / Troubs

BRIX miniCHALLENGE 1st Prize - Troubs

Troubs wins a BRIX lifetime license.

BRIX lite edition was used for the roof, street, walls and shutters.

2nd Prize / Michael Dillner (DIA)

BRIX miniCHALLENGE 2nd Prize - Michael Dillner (DIA)

Michael wins a BRIX complete license.

BRIX lite edition was used for the wooden back wall and floor.

3rd Prize / Arm Nadi

BRIX miniCHALLENGE 3rd Prize - Arm Nadi

Arm wins a BRIX full license.

BRIX lite edition was used for the roof, chimney, street, walls and socle.

BRIX Survey

Materialwerk wants to know your opinion about BRIX. Tell them what you think, answer 25 questions and have a chance to win a full BRIX COMPLETE, worth $379 / 299 €. If you are not the lucky winner, you will get a 25% coupon for the online store (worth up to $95 / 75 €) if you answer all 25 questions. It only takes 15 minutes of your time…

The survey will last until October 15, so make sure you don´t miss this chance.

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