Laubwerk Lucky Plants Kit 13 Released

Laubwerk Plants Kit 13 is here for Halloween! Update 1.0.27 for the player is out too. This kit is a selected mix of charming and common temperate deciduous trees, mainly from Northeastern America, temperate Europe, and East Asia, planted in parks, gardens, or streets, including such showy specimen trees as the Japanese angelica tree, the showy crabapple, ‘Merrill’ magnolia, and white willow, as well as some very common street trees such as the columnar Norway maple and Turkish hazel.

Highlights of the Plant Kit 1.0.27 update include:

  • 3ds Max: 2019: updated Octane material converter
  • SketchUp: fixed a bug that caused V-Ray renders to fail with non-Latin characters in Windows usernames (e.g. “ü,” “ñ,” or “é”).
  • Cinema 4D: added R20 support

The Laubwerk Plants Kit 13 Trees

Laubwerk Plants Kit 13

And in fall colors…

Laubwerk Plants Kit 13

German digital botany software company Laubwerk announces the release of version 1.0.27 of their successful player plugins for Laubwerk Plant Kits, a collection of render-ready, realistic 3D plants designed specifically for architects, CG, and VFX artists. The new Laubwerk Plants Kit 13 — temperate deciduous trees—as well as the updated Plants Kits 1-12 and Plants Kit Freebie are available now for SketchUp, Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, and Python (Windows).

The Lake in Daytime (artwork by Thomas Vournazos, Slashcube, using Cinema 4D, Corona Renderer, Laubwerk Plants, including Kit 13).

The Lake artwork is by Thomas Vournazos from Slashcube and here is what he had to say :

The idea came from one of my cycle rides I had the last summer in Klöntalersee, a natural lake surrounded by unique mountains, situated somewhere in Central Switzerland. The whole area is just beautiful, with a great variety of environments, from forest areas, to open valley areas. I wanted to go forward and create a scenario of a small castle ruin island in the middle of the lake and a camping site. I imagined it more like a father and son Sunday, just like I remember some of my childhood Sundays. The whole landscape is rough, portraying the natural wild character of the area.

The scene was made with Cinema 4d and Coronac4D. For the Trees, I relied on Laubwerk Kit 13, along with some individual Laubwerk tree models, like the Pinus Sylvestris, the Platanus x Hispanica, the Salix Albas “Tristis” etc. I made a lot of varieties of young, medium to fully grown trees, that helped the whole natural feeling on the landscape.

For the foreground ground area, I used a small variety of young trees from Plant Kit 13 and also some bush/flowery models, such as the Cascabela thevetia, some Dwarf mountain pines, and some grass elements, just to fill the space. I needed to keep this rough, foresty look without specific pathways or openings. The rest of the details, like rocks and some trunks, were taken by Megascans. Also, SurfaceSpread was used to scatter the vegetation.


The Lake – Evening Camping Fire (artwork by Thomas Vournazos, Slashcube, using Cinema 4D, Corona Renderer, Laubwerk Plants, including Laubwerk Plants Kit 13).

Laubwerk Plant Kits enable architects, CG artists, and VFX specialists to insert photorealistic tree models into their 3D scenes quickly and easily, avoiding the usual slowdowns from overly complicated parameters or excess memory usage. Laubwerk accomplishes this goal by giving users just the right amount of variation in their 3D tree models, without overwhelming the user or their computer. Each tree model comes in three shapes, with three ages, and four seasons per shape. Adjustable detail level settings mean that each tree looks great without slow navigation or long rendering times.

About Laubwerk GmbH

Founded in 2010, Laubwerk is a Berlin-born, Potsdam-based CG software company that offers fast and fluent solutions for architects, CG artists, and VFX experts requiring 3D plant models while working with popular 3D software platforms. Laubwerk sets new technical and quality standards with authentic-looking plants that require minimal time and effort while offering maximum detail and control. Laubwerk has customers in more than 100 countries, including small businesses, universities, and VFX and architecture corporations such as Audi AG, OBI, Robert Bosch GmbH, VW AG, Foster+Partners, Perkins Eastman, David Chipperfield Architects, The Boundary, Ronen Bekerman, The Craft, Double Negative, National University of Singapore, Aalto University, Leibniz University Hannover, and ETH Zurich. (

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